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     In Berlin
   the barrel organ
is also called “Leierkasten”!

"Berolinchen & Bärchen"

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

Organ grinder, barrel organ or hurdy-gurdy lady - here is the place to be!

Berlin barrel organ music for your celebration

The right "Old Berlin" barrel organ program for your event:
We are always around for you!

We also arrange for the right atmosphere at your international event with the organ-grinder with the correspondent sound for each taste and in every season. In case you wish to see a barrel organ -man or –woman or even a barrel organ duo for your party, do not hesitate to contact us or send us an e-mail, we are happy to help!


For enquiries and orders barrel organ duo, -man and -woman.
Please send the form to contact us or dial this number (030) 477 12 92. (030) 477 12 92.
We submit you promptly an offer without engagement.

Filling out the fields which are marked * is absolutely essential.

Information on your event
Should you already have exact details concerning your event, please let us know.


"Berlin Bear"
The "Berlin Bear" is the heraldic animal of Berlin. It is a very popular film- and photo motive at different events. He is an very good walking act for promotion not only for Berlin. He would also love to come to your event.

»» www.baer-von-berlin.de

Berlin originals
Do you still need a “Captain of Köpenick“, an “Old Berlin flower Lady“, a “vendor’s tray girl“ or a "dwarf" for your event? Here you will find these walking acts and many other originals from Berlin.

»» www.berliner-originale-berlin.de

Axel Hecklau - passion for magic
Here you can learn more about Axel Hecklau or all about my character - the old fashioned prussian police officer Wilhelm Beetz.

»» www.hecklau.de

Welcome to Raffin Organ Makers
Here you can find extensive information about our various products, our wide selection of songs and music rolls for barrel organs, dates of barrel organ events and interesting photos.

»» www.raffin.de

Nikolai Viertel in Berlin
Enjoy Berlin from the very beginning.
775 years of Berlin history – we are the jubilarian!

»» www.nikolaiviertel.info

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If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone or »» e-mail

Berolinchen & Bärchen

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

(030) 477 12 92
0171-93 91 045