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     In Berlin
   the barrel organ
is also called “Leierkasten”!

"Berolinchen & Bärchen"

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

Organ grinder, barrel organ or hurdy-gurdy lady - here is the place to be!

Barrel organ grinder price list

"Berolinchen & Bärchen" also arrange for the right atmosphere at your international event, with the barrel organ, with the correspondent sound for each taste and in every season.

The prices which are listed below apply to the costumes from our large costume program. We are also pleased to submit individual offers.

Barrel organ grinder - duo

"Berolinchen & Bärchen" with the barrel organ
(organ grinder couple dressed up in costumes)

The first 60 minutes:180 Euro.
Any further starting hour:140 Euro.

"Berolinchen & Barchen" Barrel Organ player from Berlin.

Drehorgelspieler Manuela und Ingo Hopf Berlin
"Berolinchen & Bärchen", Barrel Organ Grinder.

Barrel organ grinder -man or -woman

"Berolinchen" or "Bärchen" with the barrel organ
(organ player wearing costumes)

The first 60 minutes:140 Euro.
Any further starting hour:100 Euro.

Special prizes will be award for events from four hours.
All prices are for the region Berlin.
Please ask for prices for performances in the surroundings or abroad.

Since we have a small business we are not liable to VAT.

Barrel organ grinder and the "Berlin Bear" as walking act

"Bärchen" the organ grinder with the barrel organ and the "Berlin Bear"
(organ grinder wearing a costume and the "Berlin Bear")

The first 60 minutes: 250 Euro.
Any further starting hour:
("Berlin Bear" - per hour 2 performances each for 20 minutes)
200 Euro.

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Berolinchen & Bärchen

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

(030) 477 12 92
0171-93 91 045